Effective Solutions For Panda Antivirus Error Code 1 


As much expert report that panda security is fourth largest antivirus software system all over the world. This is Spanish company which is specialized to create cybersecurity, This is used mainly in business purpose, but many users report that they have faced error code 1 which crashing their display as well as their system, so here our support team ready to helps you.

Nowadays antivirus is very effective in every purpose of cyber security, we all want to secure our personal and professional data safe from various virus attack, but many people failed to save data due to error code 1, and most of the people did not know how to solve this problem, that's why out Panda Customer Support team always ready to serve you better and recover all data from this issue. Now read our blog to find the solution about this issue hope this will helps you lot to recover it. 

Causes of Panda Antivirus Error Code 1: 

The main syndromes of this error that your PC continuously shutdown or suddenly crushing your screen, many people report that their system slows due to this reason. 

This problem mainly happens when you install this antivirus in the wrong way, or you can say incomplete installation for that reason many kinds of malware attack your system and corrupt your file. So we suggest people if you did not know the actual process to install this antivirus then contact out Panda support team, they will be told the way which you want to need install this. 


How to fix error code 1: 

  • Scan the system- You firstly need to scan your all device from some third party scanning tool, which will help you to remove all corrupt file. 

  • Update The Software- You always need to update your panda antivirus, because many time old version creates a problem, so if you use old version then update it as soon as possible. 

  • 3. Enable Exception- If you want to fix "Panda antivirus error code 1 Windows 10‘ then you need to enable Exception which is not easy to done, but our antivirus Chat Support helps you to know the process very well. 



We hope these all process helps you to resolve your issue very quick and very easy. Although still many error code yer to discuss, but for that, you need to follow our blog or you can contact Panda Antivirus Support for a quick and easy solution.